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Stress Reduction Kit Launch

August 2021,

It has been a long road to get to this point, and things are just beginning. Our hard working volunteer board of directors have come together once again to develop 200 Stress Reduction Kits - filled with items and vouchers to aid in reducing stress and to promote wellbeing. Here are a few behind-the-scene pictures: Phase 1: Packaging

During this round, we met with two lovely ladies who helped us distribute the kits to nurses and other front-line healthcare workers who signed up to receive the kits, and who nominated someone to receive the kits. We absolutely LOVE the nominations and seeing gratitude spreading around - so we will be adjusting our distribution model to include more nominations!

Phase 2: Delivery!

We absolutely love to hear feedback on ways to continue and provide the best quality Stress Reduction Kits to the most number of frontline healthcare workers possible. Stay tuned for our next launch in November 2021.


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