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Stress Reduction Kits for Nurses at the Stollery!

Updated: May 23, 2023

Stress Reduction Association had the privilege of hand delivering 100 stress reduction kits to the healthcare workers at the Stollery Children's Hospital on May 12, 2023. Sponsored by Lubdub Apparel.

I was ready for notification from some of the wonderful staff at the Stollery to come to the hospital and set up for a 1-2 hour period, and when I received the go-ahead on the morning of Friday, May 12th (the actual birthday of nursing pioneer Florence Nightingale) I got into action! We were able to set up on the 4D Pedway with a table for 2:00 p.m. so I sent out a notification to the media, contacted Soki Srey - SRA Board Member and volunteer, the delivery company Impact Office Services Ltd. who donated their services - one cargo van and the assistance of two wonderful employees, and my cousin who I voluntold, Tes Smith, to help assemble, set up, and deliver! We arrived to meet with Debbie & Sherharra who helped us unload the 100 kits, big boxes of #johnsoninsurance socks, and approximately 20 big boxes of 400 Johnson Insurance Plushie puppy dogs to be donated to inpatients at the Stollery. We brought up one of the boxes of puppies (named Douglas) for the nurses and they were a big hit! A BIG thank you to Nicole Nyenhuis from Johnson Insurance who has helped SRA a lot for the past 2 years. With help from Cymantha Davison (Senior Consultant, Strategic Initiatives Stollery Hospital & Liaison for Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation), Lisa Cote (Program Manager, RN) and Rhonda Tomlinson (Clinical Nurse Educator) we had a wonderful event with a lovely group of nurses who all waited patiently in line for their kits. SRA Board President Laura Derhousoff was working at the #UniversityofAlbertaHospital at the time and was able to join us to give away some of the kits, it worked out wonderfully!

Pictured below is Soki, handing off one of the Stress Reduction Kits to two wonderful nurses rocking their #EdmontonOilers gear on the day of a big game!

Thank you SO much to Lubdub Apparel, our amazing event sponsor for this important week of recognition. They helped us to make this event happen. We worked with some amazing organizations who donated items and with a few locally owned businesses to fill our #StressReductionKits.

We couldn't have done this without our amazing volunteers, including several members of the SRA board of directors! Thanks team!

Pictured top left: Sanna Westermann, top right: Vicki Kwan, bottom left: Esther Patkowski, and bottom right: Laura Derhousoff To learn more about the products we put in the kits check out our Stress Reduction Kits page. If you want to support Stress Reduction Association in our efforts to continue developing kits, along with breathwork classes, stress reduction programs, wellness retreats, and events please consider donating today!

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