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SRA Board of Directors 

Mission: To offer strategies that foster environments where individuals and communities can thrive amidst stress.


Laura Derhousoff

President & Founder

Laura possesses a profound ability to uplift those around her, encouraging efforts towards meaningful causes. Her leadership is exemplified by the remarkable team she has assembled to advance the well-being of those moving through stressful times. Engaging in volunteer work with the People Improvement Organization, she spearheads program development at an orphanage clinic. Trained in leadership by AHS, Laura embodies an authentic servant-leadership approach in her endeavors with this non-profit organization.

Her global travels have afforded her the opportunity to learn from diverse elders, gaining insights into managing various levels of stress. Laura's dedication to personal and professional growth fuels her passion for continuous learning. Currently pursuing a master's in nursing while actively serving as an RN at the University of Alberta and within the community, she exemplifies a commitment to both her field and the broader community.

Board Member Picture Claudette .jpg

Claudette Okimaw

Vice President

Claudette is a dedicated individual with a passion for making a positive impact in her community. Born and raised in Edmonton to a Roman Catholic family, she has always been driven by a strong sense of service and compassion. As a mother of ten children, Claudette understands the importance of empathy, resilience, and perseverance. With a background in finance, Claudette initially pursued a career in business accounts. However, her innate desire to contribute to the well-being of others led her to transition into her second career as a Registered Nurse.

Driven by her commitment to improving the lives of frontline healthcare workers, Claudette joined the Stress Reduction Association (SRA) with enthusiasm. Her excellent interpersonal skills strengthen community action, coupled with her unwavering commitment to service, make her a valuable contributor to any initiative aimed at creating positive change within communities.



Secretary of the Board of Directors

Michelle is a lovely individual currently embarking on a journey towards her master's in leadership while simultaneously fulfilling the vital role of a social worker within a not-for-profit organization. Her commitment to serving others extends beyond her professional endeavors, as she lovingly nurtures her budding soccer athlete child, embodying the essence of a multitasking powerhouse.

Despite her busy schedule, Michelle generously devotes her time to attending board meetings and meticulously handling the minutes and contributing her wealth of knowledge in the Not-for-profit world. Her ability to balance her professional pursuits with her role as a nurturing parent reflects her exceptional time management skills and unwavering determination to make a positive impact both in her career and within her family life.


Candace Davies 

Treasure of the Board of Directors

Candace Davis is a highly intelligent and motivated individual, holding a Bachelor of Commerce degree. Currently, she applies her expertise as a buyer in the field of finance, demonstrating her aptitude for strategic decision-making and financial acumen.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Candace possesses a deep-seated passion for mental health advocacy. Her commitment to raising awareness and promoting mental wellness underscores her dedication to making a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

Candace has expressed a keen interest in contributing her skills and knowledge to our organization, aligning with our mission and values.



Board Member 

Nicole Morrin is a motivational Occupational Therapist with nearly a decade of experience at Alberta Health Services, where she has been at the forefront of addressing the impacts of stress, particularly amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Her firsthand encounters have deepened her commitment to serving the community and have ignited her passion for alleviating the burden of stress on individuals, making her a perfect fit for the Stress Reduction Association (SRA) team.

In addition to her clinical expertise, Nicole has actively contributed to community service initiatives, demonstrating her leadership abilities in various roles within the disability community. Her tenure on the Board of Directors for the Alberta Hospice Palliative Care Association underscores her commitment to enhancing the well-being of individuals facing challenging circumstances. Nicole's academic background, including a Masters of Science Degree in Occupational Therapy and specialized training in public health policy, further enhances her qualifications and positions her as a valuable asset to the SRA team. Her blend of clinical knowledge and policy expertise equips her to contribute meaningfully to SRA's objectives, ensuring the organization continues to positively impact the lives of those in need.


Potential Board Member 

Individuals who are passionate about our mission and would like to make a positive impact are encouraged to reach out to us. Your unique background, skills, and perspectives are valuable assets that can further enhance our organization's effectiveness and reach. We welcome diversity and creativity, and we believe that together, we can achieve our goals more effectively. If you are committed to our cause and would like to contribute your expertise to our board, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us by sending an email detailing your background and how you envision aligning with our mission.


Board Member Sok.jpg

Soki Srey

Volunteer & Founding Member

Soki Srey is truly a joy to be around and uses her wealth of experience in non-profit financials to the benefit of this organization. She is legally bondable in Alberta and throughout Canada, technical training in: anti-money laundering and fraud detection. She has served for 5 years as District Treasurer at Girl Guides of Canada, 3 years as a CSR and FSP at the Bank of Montreal, and 3 years as a Financial Budget Planner for PIO. Soki served as the Treasurer for SRA for 2 years and has graciously continued on as a Board Member, continuing to help serve the community. Soki’s empathic nature lead her to become a certified 'End of Life Doula' in 2020, where she uses her knowledge and skills to help others cope and navigate through difficult times.


Sanna Westermann

Director Emeritus, Co-Founder of SRA

Sanna co-founded Stress Reduction Association with Laura Derhousoff with the vision and drive to build our Non-Profit Organization to ensure sustainability to support the mission, vision, and values of SRA. She focused on developing the organization with vast experience in business strategy and development.

She graduated in 2022 from the University of Alberta with her Masters of Business Administration degree, and from MacEwan University with a Bachelor of Commerce degree - majoring in Marketing. Sanna has 10 years of experience in Digital Marketing and Business Development and is now a full-time consultant at Active Reach Consulting.

Sanna served as the Vice President on the Board of Directors for SRA from the beginning in 2020 until March 2023. Thank you for your service and for continuing to assist SRA in our mission!

Laura Derhousoff.jpg

Laura Derhousoff

President & Founder

Drawing from diverse experiences and insights gained from global travels and academic pursuits. Laura assembled a dedicated team of like-minded individuals who shared their commitment to enhancing the well-being of those facing stress.

Laura's journey, shaped by her experiences in volunteer work, travels, and her ongoing pursuit of personal and professional growth, serves as a testament to her unwavering dedication. As she continues to balance her studies in nursing with her role as an RN within the community, Laura embodies the essence of authentic leadership, inspiring others to join in the mission of the Stress Reduction Association. Together, they strive to create a world where individuals are supported and empowered to navigate life's challenges with resilience and compassion.

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