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United Nurses of Alberta AGM 2022 Memories!

When we found out there was an opportunity to meet so many amazing nurses all at once we jumped on the opportunity! We had an amazing time giving away 200 Stress Reduction Kits to UNA members. This was possible thanks to our 2022 Platinum Sponsor - Johnson Insurance!

AND we received a generous donation of $5,000 from Lubdub Apparel! This will help us make more kits for Nursing Week 2023 and contribute towards future programming to support mental health.

We had a blast! We had sign-ups and Instagram contests. We are so grateful to have met all of you!

Looking back at 2022

Stress Reduction Association was born in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. We were just a small group of four woman brought together by Laura Derhousoff with the goal of doing something nice for frontline healthcare workers. Our goal was to do anything at all that might bring a smile to their faces, and after weekly meetings for 2.5 months we were able to get a couple more very important volunteers to join our group. We were shocked to find how many people were willing to contribute to the idea and we decided to make it official! Stress Reduction Association was now a registered organization under the Societies Act of Alberta! The kits kept us going, but we wanted to do more. We started providing breathwork classes and kept making connections with other like-minded community organizations with the hope of making a significant difference in the lives of frontline healthcare workers. We provided these classes free of charge for 2 years and managed to keep things going. But it is time to branch out! We want to do more and continue the programs we have. Attending events like the UNA AGM have helped us make important connections and get valuable feedback on what healthcare workers really want and need. Thankfully our board of directors is also made up of almost all nurses! Their perspectives have helped immensely but we will never stop looking for new ways to grow and serve our community. Thanks to everyone who participated, volunteered, donated, and supported frontline healthcare workers and SRA!

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